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Confabulatory Conventions

Groucho once famously said, “I wouldn’t join any club that would have me as a member.” This whole business of various sci-fi conventions, or SFWA, banning wrong-think has boiled up yet again with John Ringo @Jringo1508 and @jondelarroz.

As a neophyte in the writing business, I have one eye on creating entertaining content, and the other eye on marketing. On the surface I can see a business reason for writers wanting to attend CONs, but below that murky swamp of fandom lies a cesspool of shit flinging monkeys. Do they represent our readers?

We all have our odd hobbies and interests. Some collect beer cans or antique license plates. Some, like me, like to shoot off various types of powerful weapons. Others prefer to dress up as favorite characters and role play. Personally, I never got the whole Trekkie thing, or CONs in general, past the initial thrill of seeing a favorite actor in person.

So at the risk of pulling a Shatner, why the hell should a writer go to a CON when he is not welcome? If I were John or Jon, I’d quote Shatner and say to them “get a life.” Then I’d get on with my own life as a writer/entrepreneur/indie publisher and let my success bitch slap them in the face.

I work several blocks from the 2016 MidAmeriCon venue, where I stationed myself outside the doors to view flora and fauna growing on the slouching hulks that entered therein. I even captured Rape Rape in the wild in this shot above. Sadly, most of the attendees resembled old George.

So I asked myself, why would I go to one of these? Why as a writer would I pay my hard earned royalties to attend a freak show, where I’m not welcome because I’m cis-male heteronormative with violent fascist tendencies. Yes, I could write it off as a business expense, but where is the pay-off. Does going to a CON add any quantitative boost to my career as a writer?

So to all you CONs I’ll agree with Shatner and amplify and say “fuck off” at least until I’m so hugely successful that you beg me to come back. And then, I’ll make you pay.

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