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What is a Red Pill writer?

Taking the “Red Pill” is a concept from the movie “The Matrix”. Boiled down to it’s essence it means a willingness to be open to a whole new concept of thinking contrary to what you currently understand. Specifically, the Red Pill is a rejection of all things feminist, and a reacquiring and resumption of traditional masculine behavior and masculine cultural leadership. Or for you feminists, reimposing the patriarchy on society for the good of all.

I am not THE red pill writer. I’m just one of a growing number. When I set out on this path, I wanted to start with a non-fiction book “Unscrewed Man – The Three Pillars of Masculinity” because 1. I benefited from those who went before me, and 2. because I have a adult son who was conditioned in the feminist matrix just like you and me. But what I really want to do is write fiction that is entertaining to men, and to do that it needs to appeal to the masculine nature. So while prepping “Unscrewed Man” for publishing on 11/7 and all the marketing involved, I’m also fleshing out the plot for my next fiction book about real men willing, building and killing in space. Book mark me to see some new chapters, or better yet, get on my mailing list for the “Unscrewed” giveaway.

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