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Per Twitter I have Unacceptable Business Practices

So Twitter found out I was trying to use them to advertise for my business of selling snuff films, kiddie porn, and the exclusive hardcore video “10 Years of C-SPAN”. I neither produce, sell or promote in any way those items. In fact, my twitter handle @RedPillWriter has only existed 15 days as of this writing. But according to the fine folks at Twitter, I have “unacceptable business practices.”

Since I’m about to publish my first book on Amazon, I decided to use Twitter Ads to see if I could get a few more eyeballs on the book and giveaway contest. I should have listened to those who said to start building your email list even if the book is months from being done. In any case, I do learn from my mistakes and press on to eventual success. Some of my research, not all, showed a possible slight benefit to using Twitter Ads. For those who don’t know, you can bid on a campaign to push out a tweet to a targeted audience beyond your followers and only pay for clicks and not impressions. I decided to spend $50 and try it out. My target groups were men, divorced men, college-age men, recently married men and a couple of other categories, but no categories like vivisectionists.

So was it the 15 days and 24 tweets that clued them into my despicable business practices? Or was it the people like you who I followed, and some of whom followed me back. Unacceptable people like @RationalMale, @DarkTriadMan, @voxday, or @realDonaldTrump? I believe it to be the latter as they have next to no idea of my “unacceptable” business or it’s “unholy” practices.

It is too bad that Gab went in the shitter simply for lack of common sense moderation as I had a lot of followers there before I closed the account. Yes, I lost an opportunity to market there, which was my original plan, but I will plug along on Twitter until a suitable Alt-Tech solution arrives.

Meanwhile, if you are sympathetic to my plight, re-tweet me to your followers. Maybe somebody is interested in a great intro to basic masculinity and would be interested in getting both the book for free from November 7th to 11th and a chance to get a free Kindle Paperwhite loaded with the best books for men free – details at

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