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Rock Climbing the Learning Curve

When I’m not writing, I’m working in IT the land of masochists. Nothing in IT is ever as easy as it should be whether Linux or Windows, Java or I’m convinced programmers are sadists judging by how hard it is to learn to use some of the software they design. Many times no thought is given to UX (User Experience). The poor end user is left looking at chicken entrails trying to discern the inner workings of the software.

Half of my professional experience has been rock climbing the software learning curve, and let me tell you, some of those vertical climbs were without a rope. It’s a painful process, and sometimes there is a fall back to the jagged rocks below, but it is worth it. The bloody fingers and torn nails. The scrapes and cuts. The mental fatigue of scrutinizing inscrutable software. It’s worth it because whether you succeed or fail; your skill level improves with each painful climb.

Writing “Unscrewed Man The Three Pillars of Masculinity” this past year has been yet another rock climb of a different type, but I hope you enjoy the view from the top with me.


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