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Excerpt from “Unscrewed Man” – The War on Men

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve seen the war on men in the media. The incessant stream of commercials and sitcoms portraying guys as simple minded fools who, without the help of a woman, would bring chaos and disaster upon the house. You see it in action movies and television shows where a woman single handly destroys armies of men many times her size and strength. Women are the hero against an often male antagonist.

Those of you in college or recently out see the war against men on campus. Where many now have indoctrination classes against “male privilege,” and other presumed social justice outrages. In the late 1940’s men accounted for 70 percent of students. As of 2015 women represent 57 percent, and the trends are that fewer and fewer men will attend college. Some articles suggest this is due to a higher rate of behavioral and disciplinary problems among young men. After all, we all know that men ruin everything. It’s becoming so bad that women in college find it hard to develop long term relationships with men. Some say this is a leading cause of the explosion in the “hook up” culture in college.

Men are finding opposition and the deck stacked against them in the corporate world. The Federal government’s contract awarding system favor’s women owned or operated businesses in deciding between two otherwise equal contract bids.

All of these examples are symptoms and not the cause of the war between the sexes. There is a fundamental set of issues in male-female relationships that you must understand and master to keep your personal and professional relationships successful.

NAWALT – Not all women are like that. That’s what the apologists always say, “not all (fill in the blank) are like that.” That’s the argument of the losing side when they hold out exceptions which are always few to prove their rule. Outliers are no argument against a majority trend. I can say that too, as I’ve worked in a female dominated industry for years, and in fact, have had several outstanding female bosses. But when you look at any industry, or any group of leaders, regarding success, men are in the majority. This apparent disparity leads to the first and foremost gender issue that you must come to terms with – equalism.

A cat is a cow is a potato is a bird. All things are equal. “Men and women are equal dammit and don’t you say otherwise, or we’ll rain holy hell down on you.” That’s the message society gives you. But the objective reality is that men and women are not the same interchangeable thing. We are different physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Men aren’t better than women; they’re different. Women aren’t superior to men; they are just different. Equalism is an impossibly foolish thing to impose on a woman or a man. What sane woman wants to be a man? We’ve set up a societal structure that seeks to train women to be men, and men to be women. It’s a frustration of the natural biological order, and it is destroying western society.

One of the fundamental differences can be boiled down to estrogen and testosterone. You can swap a penis for a vagina, and vice versa, but you cannot change the biological maleness or femaleness of the body you were born with. Sex change procedures aren’t just surgical; they require hormone therapy to produce boobs and beards depending on which way the patient is going. Guys need estrogen to grow breasts, and women need testosterone to grow body hair and bulk up. Those who have gone through the transgender blender must keep taking hormone replacement therapy or lose the “look.” More than anything, this gives the lie to the “I was born with the wrong body” belief. A guy can go through “sex reassignment treatment” SRT because he’s “really a woman” on the inside, but as soon as he stops taking the estrogen, his body will start asserting it’s maleness on him regardless of what he thinks. Same with the female-to-male tranny and testosterone.

Apart from these gender confused people, testosterone and estrogen play a fundamental role in the differences between how men and women think and act particularly on the sexual level. Men are much more sexual than women. Men and women’s bodies produce both estrogen and testosterone, but in different amounts. Men have anywhere from 3 to 15 times the amount of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) than women and women similar ratios of Estradiol to men. Poor health, age, and menopause can cause wide variations, but you get the picture. Men typically are swimming in T and women in estrogen with dramatically different effects on each.

Female body builders who take T to help bulk up, report that their sex drive dramatically increases. They cannot get the “man muscles” without the “man juice.” Supplementing T in men with lower than normal levels has been shown to increase confidence, risk taking and yes, aggression too. Aggression is a hot button for feminists who broadly accuse all men of being brutes, yet most men channel that aggression into useful pursuits. We don’t just indiscriminately rage against whatever has irritated us.

Testosterone is also clearly linked to increased cognitive performance as shown in studies with elderly men. As a man ages, the amount of T produced drops off rapidly. In studies done at Harvard, elderly men were tested on cognitive performance before and after being administered T replacement therapy and showed marked improvement in cognitive abilities. History shows that most scientific advancements over the centuries came from men rather than women. Even today there is a push to get young girls involved in STEM programs in college. They have to push women into it, even though most are not biologically suited for it. The T levels in men allow them to aggressively channel their heightened cognitive abilities to an almost monomaniacal level to achieve scientific, engineering or other kinds of breakthroughs. Is that unfair for women? No, they benefit from those advances all the same.

Can’t we all just get along?

As in any war, the battle is for control. Control over people, territory, and resources. Feminists wage war on men for the same reason: control over relationships and resources. You can’t hope to win a fight against an opponent you don’t understand so let’s define our opponent a little more clearly with some terms that might be new to you. Hypergamy is marrying a person in a superior caste (think India) or class (think a rich guy or movie star). Women by nature are hypergamous. When the opportunity presents itself, they will often trade up. You are chatting up a girl at the bar, and some guy walks in who is better looking, taller, and better dressed than most of the guys in the bar, and all female heads will swivel including that girl who seemed to be interested in you a few minutes ago.

Rollo Tomassi calls this the feminine imperative. It is the essential driving thing in a woman’s life to seek out her best relationship opportunity. This imperative is the cause of a woman’s solipsism, meaning that life is all about her feelings and what she wants, and not much else exists outside of her skull. Most of the concepts I’ll be going over in this section are from Rollo’s book “The Rational Male,” which is probably the best book on describing and understanding the social-sexual dynamics between men and women, and Rollo has kindly permitted me to quote him frequently. “The Rational Male” is one of those key books in life that you need to absorb as it removes the “mystery” surrounding women.

Tomassi states that both sexes objectify each other. Guys want sex and girls want security. Men tend to make women sex objects, and women tend to make men resource objects. Women know that they can trade on their sexuality for that security which is not a bad or dirty thing. In any transaction between two parties, the ideal is when both are happy with what they get by trading something that’s perceived as a lesser value to them for something of greater value to them. In a healthy male-female relationship the woman is content to trade sex for security, and the guy is more than willing to provide resources to the woman in exchange for sex. For women, the attraction is not just or even only based on physical attraction. Look at old movie stars or billionaires with hot women half or a third of their age.

So a woman’s need for security and resources drive her in how she relates to men to the point that a woman will seek to control the relationship, this is the feminine imperative. Women know this, but don’t want you to know it. They have their own “Fight Club” rules too, and they do not want you knowing or talking about the “Feminine Fight Club.” The Feminist movement is the public, organized face of this internal mindset among women. Feminism seeks to root out male control, and any male behaviors that threaten their control of the social-sexual environment.

To control the narrative and keep their power, feminist must train out the masculine aspects that give men an advantage over them. They know that a man who is secure and confident in himself, and who has unraveled the supposed mystery of women, has a free hand in seeking out the best opportunities among a field of women. Why? Because they are attracted to powerful, confident men. This puts a woman in a bad spot. She wants the bad boy, the powerful provider, the confident man, but once she gets him, she wants to control him to the point of making him not powerful, not confident, and certainly not dangerous. A woman, any woman, will tend to kill the golden goose once she has him. Your objective is to keep overall control of the relationship knowing that she will occasionally try to stage a coup. She can’t help it; her solipsism keeps her from seeing that it will kill the very thing she desires. You, on the other hand, can maintain a leadership position by putting down the occasional coup, and by understanding that it isn’t necessarily a personal attack against you. It’s just a “girl thing,” so deal with it.

Rollo points out that any healthy social-sexual relationship is going to have a bit of giving and taking where you as the man cede some control now and then. Just be sure to maintain overall control or “frame” over the relationship.

The death of the Golden Goose.

I mentioned that left to her own devices a woman will kill the very thing of her desires in a relationship, and this writ large is what is going on in society. Feminism is a cancer that is destroying western civilization which was built upon male dominated and ruled families and societies. A healthy, technologically and culturally rich society is on the verge of death. The very thing that brought countless women comfort and security now hang by a thread all because of fifty plus years of feminism suppressing and demonizing normal, natural masculinity.

Now we have a surplus of Pajama Boys, manlets and manginas who are unable to maintain and build upon the previous successes of the men who came before them. These “men,” if you can even call them that, have a feminist Stockholm syndrome in that they vociferously support the mindset that has enslaved them. Rollo Tomassi and others liken it to being plugged into the “Feminist Matrix.” You can take the Red Pill and open your eyes to the true nature of social-sexual dynamics, or take the Blue Pill and suffer on in willful ignorance. Tomassi’s books are all about helping guys get “unplugged,” but he confesses that it’s a hard job and not everyone wants to be unplugged.

You owe it to yourself, your way of life, and the future of our society to take the Red Pill. Western society needs you to survive. You need basic training.


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